Nadim Aboujaoude 2018


Dr. Nadim Aboujaoude graduate in 1983 from St Joseph University Beirut, Lebanon pursued his studies in Dental Materials in Paris University and has is a prosthodontist from the Lebanese University.

Senior Lecturer at Lebanese University Dental School Post Graduate Program, Clinical associate at the American University Hospital of Beirut, Lebanon, a pioneer in Implant Prosthodontics in the Middle East, and an international Lecturer.

Examiner for the DGZI German board of implantology and the expert board.

President Elect of the International College of Dentists, Middle East Section

President of the Jury of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Esthetic Dentistry Award.

Contributed along with Prs. Nabil Barakat and Roy Sabri in the new book of John Beumer:

Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry: Prosthetic Principles

The Esthetic Interdisciplinary Approach in Implant Dentistry

The implant placement to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth is not always a straight forward procedure. As much as sometimes the situation might look easy it might need an inter-disciplinary approach to bring the end result to a very natural appearance. Coordinating closely between different specialties is very important in bringing the patient to the desired esthetic, biological and functional prosthesis.

Learning objectives:

  • The evaluation of the complexity of the situation
  • Evaluate the different treatment options
  • Coordinate the sequence of the interdisciplinary treatment

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