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From Yamanashi Prefecture Otsuki city

Graduated from Niigata University Dental School

Worked at Niigata University Medical and dental general hospital of Oral Reconstruction Surgery as a director of the medical institution

2014 Sagamihara-shi Hashimoto Endo Natural Dental Office Opening

November 2016 Established Enterdo Medical Corporation

GBR Implantology using microscope

Dental treatment in Japan is in a gradual increase of using microscopes .This is often used, not only among the specialists, but also among general practitioners.
In this paper, anticipating that dental microscopes can be used in implant surgery, I will introduce three cases where microscopes have been used in dental treatment.

First Case

One patient had the teeth no. 41 extracted at the age of 19 in another dental clinic. He thought that it was not good for his appearance so, it was decided to do implant surgery. But as the bone had been worn down it was impossible to do implant therapy as it was. I conducted a GBR with autologous bone and Bio-Oss using a

microscope. At that time, the autologous bone was collected using piezo. Next, at the same time as I performed the implant, I attempted to build up the gingiva and immediately making the Tek. That was two years ago.

Second Case

I performed a socket lift on the upper left molar where there was no bone. Socket lifts often have to be performed blindly but by using a microscope it is possible to do this visibly. I performed the implant while raising the mucous membrane.

Third Case

In this case the screw of the implant in tooth no. 17 broke. By using a microscope it was easily removed from a place which normally cannot be seen.

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