Henriette Lerner is founder and Director of HL Dentclinic and Academy in Baden-Baden, Germany, an academic clinical, teaching and research facility of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt on Main.

She is President of Digital Dentistry Society International (DDS).

Since 1990 she was granted the degree of Doctor Medic. (DMD degree) from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Temeschburg, Romania.

Among other certifications, she is a Board member & Expert DGOI, (German Society of Oral Implantology), ICOI Diplomate

Editorial advisor of scientific papers (Practical Implantology Paper, DGOI Oral Implantology, Digital Implantology, Germany)

Her domain expertise is in the fields of clinical research, advanced techniques of digital workflows in complex implant cases, soft & hard tissue augmentation, aesthetics and function in complex implant cases.

She is author of various scientific papers and book chapters, (Esthetics in Dentistry /Implant Esthetics) covering the area of Implantology, grafting esthetics and dental surgery.

Esthetic bone grafting in implant dentistry - Soft tissue management - Digital implant dentistry

LECTURE 1 – Title: Esthetic bone grafting in implant dentistry


Implant dentistry is science and art. The highest target of the patient is a high aesthetic outcome, no matter of the grade of atrophy or destruction of the stomatognatic system.

Still implant dentistry tend to be minimally invasive. Modern graft techniques allow the simultaneous placing of Implants with a horizontal and vertical grafting, shortening treatment time.

Synthetic materials are used, avoiding a second bone extraction site. There are functionally driven rules of bone and soft tissue grafting.


LECTURE 2 – Title: Soft tissue management


Implant dentistry is a symbiosis between Art and Science. The art and the highest target in Implant dentistry is a high aesthetical outcome in terms of micro and macro esthetics. At the same time, we aim a most minimally invasive and shortest treatment way. This philosophy is consistent also in soft tissue surgery. Soft tissue is a fascinating delicate biological material of work; which precision, delicacy and deep biological understanding of the surgical environment. A plentitude of techniques is known to work on tissues.

A systematic thinking approach and specific techniques will be presented:

  • biological guided tissue manipulation by grafting
  • create tissue thickness, tissue height, keratinized / attached gingiva
  • surgery around existing implants


LECTURE 3 – Title: Digital implant dentistry


Today s dentistry and oral surgery is symbiosis of art, medicine, science and technologies. The artistic view of the dentist creates mentally and digitally through contemporary software the final smile. 2 D and 3 D visualization of the ideal proportions are the beginning point for the backward planning. We reconstruct   today bone, soft tissue and teeth with high percentage of predictability. Newest studies concerning this data will be presented. Virtual planning, and manufacturing on teeth and implants are state of the art in the daily work.

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