Dr. HALA I. ABBOUD-Lebanon



DEA-Saint Joseph University-In Progress

DU in Implantology-Saint Joseph University, 2016

Master in biological and medical sciences-Saint Joseph University,2006

Certificate in immunology-Saint Joseph University, 2005

Certificate in cranio-facial development-Saint Joseph University, 2003

Diploma in fixed and removable prosthodontics-Saint Joseph University, 2001

Diploma in Dental Surgery-Saint Joseph University, 1994



Dentists Syndicate

Dentists Syndicate – Scientific Committee

Lecturer in international conferences

Participant in international congresses

Lebanon, France, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, and Morocco

Treatment planning: step by step for a successful implant restoration

Any restorative treatment, from single missing tooth to severe total rehabilitation, requires many preparatory procedures and the cooperation of different specialties in dentistry.

For dentistry in this decade, implant is the best choice to replace missing teeth and to rehabilitate edentulous patient.

A decision-making process step by step including the:

  • Quantity and quality of the residual bone.
  • Number of implants, type, size, position, distribution.
  • Type of prosthesis.

The treatment plan should begin with a clear idea of the end result which should response to the functional and aesthetic needs of the patient.

  • What is our treatment plan? How to make it? (From initial examination, preliminary treatment plan to the final specific treatment plan).
  • What are the surgical procedures to follow in the treatment?
  • Time delay between surgical and prosthetic phases? (For osseointegration)
  • Financial implications?

Making a treatment plan is so essential, like project requires organized management.

This lecture will give answers to these questions and discuss different ways to establish a better treatment plan based on patient evaluation and dentist expertise.

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