DDS. PGD Oral Radiology, HSSD Oral Surgery, FEADMR MBAIRD, FICD

Dr. Alexandre khairallah is the Head of Service of the Oral and Maxillo-facial Imaging Department at the Dental school of the Lebanese University.  He is a fellow of the International College of Dentist, a key / opinion leader, an international speaker for Carestream Near East Dental Division, an international speaker for KaVo Dental GmbH -radiology section- in the Middle East and Africa region and an international speaker for Neoss implant.

Dr. Khairallah is also a member of the European Academy of Oral and Maxillo-Facial radiologist and a member of the Implant Council of the British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry (BAIRD).

He graduated with honors in Dentistry at the Lebanese in 1989; he received a Post Graduated Diploma in Oral Biology in 1994, a Post Graduated Diploma in Oral and Maxillo-facial imaging in 1995 and a Specialized High Study Diploma in Oral Surgery in 2007.

He authored and co-authored several publications in local and international peer-reviewed journals and book chapters and gave more than 100 lectures and courses at national and international level.

Complication related to sinus lift procedures and their manipulations

Along with the loss of the posterior teeth, the maxilla will go a bone resorption leaving no choice for the surgeon but to lift the schneiderian membrane to order to gain an appropriate height for implant placement. Although it is considered simple and predictable and due to a wrong pre-operative radiographic estimation and a wrong treatment plan or an inadequate surgical techniques, sinus lifts procedures can show lots of complications which will jeopardize the grafts and/or implant placement (loss of grafts, perforation of the membrane, presence of mucous retention cysts, improper 3D implant positioning….) .

The goals of this presentation are to expose the topographic and 3d radiological anatomy of the sinus (Posterior superior alveolar artery, septa…) along with the complications of the schneiderian membrane lifting and their manipulations.

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