The AOIA Mission

At AOIA, we are devoted to delivering the latest information and best education to the dental community in the Middle east through building communication and affiliation links with dental schools and associations worldwide, developing strong social links within the dental community and enhancing our social responsibility towards the society.


Spread Of Oral Implantology among the society and media as a new treatment modality. Providing diversified knowledge and education benefits to dentists, both member and non member.Backing scientific research and supporting young implantologists. Enhancing both national and international relations and data exchange. Enhancing social responsibility among dentists and providing free treatment for the disa dvantaged. Obtain and maintain accreditation for scientific activities.

Financial Resources

  • Membership fees.
  • Offers, grants and sponsorship.
  • Contributions whether national or international.
  • National & international congresses and courses.
  • Fund raising activities.

Financial year starts January 1st and ends December 31st every year.

The association’s funds are deposited in a bank for official use.

The association’s money is only to be used for its aims.