The General Assembly

Is composed of all active members (members for at least 6 months).

The General Assembly meets in one of the following cases:

By board request.

A letter signed by at least one quarter of the number of members, including the reason for the meeting.

By social security organization request.
The assembly’s meeting invitation should include the agenda for the meeting.The general assembly should be invited for a meeting at least once annually at the end of each financial year to review different membership and financial issues and electing new board members.The association should inform the social security organization about each general assembly meeting at least fifteen days in advance.

In any meeting an active member can assign another member in writing to attend the meeting and vote on his behalf. Each member can delegate only one other member to vote.

The meeting will not be considered legal except for the attendance of the absolute majority of the active members. If not, the meeting will be postponed for one hour, then the meeting will be legal with the attendance of at least 10 % of the active members.

The general assembly’s meeting is presided and directed by the chairman of the board , in case of his absence, the vice chairman will be in charge , who if absent , would be replaced by the oldest member.

Decisions taken by the general assembly are taken by majority voting for the attending members.

Decisions are to be sent to the social security organization within fifteen days after the meeting.

The association is run by a board composed of eleven members to be elected by the general assembly.
The board meeting will be legal with the attendance of the majority of members.

The term for the board is three years, except for the founding board, from which one third is reelected each year according to random selection and they can be reelected.
It is not permitted to be a board member and to work for a salary for the association.

If a board position becomes vacant between two general assembly's meetings, the board can assign one of the members, who got the maximum number of votes in the last meeting, to take charge until the next assembly meeting.

The board will meet at least monthly, and each member who fails to attend half the number of meetings annually would be considered as resigned.

The Alexandria Oral Implantology Association operates on the basis of a matrix organization structure which utilizes functional and divisional chains of command simultaneously in the same part of the organization and allows for strategic management.

  • President
  • Vice President.
  • Executive Manager
  • General Secretary
  • Vice President for Scientific Committee
  • Vice President for Social Committee and Member Issues
  • Vice President for Marketing
  • Vice President for Public Relations
  • Vice President for Editorial
  • Vice President for Website
  • Coordinator

Teams are put together to cover the following activities or for one-of-a-kind projects.

  • Scientific Activities
  • Social Activities
  • Marketing Activities
  • Public Relations
  • Organizational Chart