Dear Dental World,
It is our pleasure to launch our new website. Our aim is to connect and communicate with all of you. Please be active in both gaining and giving knowledge because it is through shared knowledge that we can improve our lifestyles and be able to offer our patients the best treatment standards.

Thank you.

Prof. M.S. El-Attar
AOIA President

Upcoming Events

STARS MEETING 2018 (28 – 30 March 2017)
At Hilton Green Plaza

What people say about AOIA?

The AOIA has been an Affiliate society of the ICOI for over 20 years. During that time, their society has grown as the interest in oral implantology has expanded. One measure of the growth and success of the AOIA has been attendance at their meetings. What once was a gathering of a few hundred doctors at an AOIA symposium, now attracts THOUSANDS of interest delegates to their meetings. This alone is testament to the success of the AOIA.
Craig Johnson
Executive Director – ICOI